Conference Topics

Marketing and Marketing Communication

  • The future of the marketing and marketing communication affected by the COVID-19
  • The future of marketing and marketing communication as affected by COVID-19.
  • Changes in the marketing landscape.
  • Shifts in consumer and buying behaviour.
  • The changing face of marketing communication.
  • Marketing communication before, during and after COVID-19.
  • New challenges facing marketing and marketing communication.
  • The importance of marketing communication in times of crisis.

Marketing and media

  • The future of the media as affected by COVID-19.
  • The importance of the media in crisis communication.
  • Media, communication and COVID-19.
  • Changes in the media before, during and after COVID-19.
  • The impact of social media on panic during the pandemic.
  • The dangers of hoaxes in the media.

Corporate social responsibility and socially responsible marketing

  • CSR before, during and after COVID-19.
  • Profit vs. responsibility.
  • Shifts in the behaviour of businesses.

Other topics

  • Digital technologies during COVID-19.
  • Future of technologies after the crisis.
  • Gaming and COVID-19.
  • Sustainability vs. the pandemic.
  • Impact of COVID-19 on environmental problems.